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Bent Curtain Tracks

Which tracks and poles can be bent or curved to fit my bay windows?

ALL tracks and poles (with the exception of the 50mm system 6150M) can be bent to varying degrees depending on the recommended minimum bend radius*.  Our tracks are designed for maximum efficiency when bent. Corded tracks have internal channels and are particularly suited for bending as cords cannot sag or catch. 

How to measure for bent tracks to fit bay or curved windows

Should your chosen track require bending to fit a curved or bay window please indicate on order.  Once we have received your order we will make contact to assist with calculating accurate angles and measurements to ensure your bent track will fit perfectly.  Upon receipt of your measurements we will create an illustration showing how your bent track will look once it has been manufactured, this will be sent to you for your approval before your track is made.

The following diagrams are common layouts of bay window configurations and indicate which measurements need to be taken when measuring for bent tracks.



For the further information on how to measure for bent tracks please use the link below to view the Silent Gliss angle measure guide /Silent_Gliss_Angle-measure.pdf

Minimum Bending Radius

The following information provides minimum bending radius for our products:

Electric Tracks

  • Autoglide system 5100, 5100R, 5100T, 5100TC - 300mm minimum bend radius (max 2 bends per system)
  • System 5600 and 5600R - 250mm minimum bend radius

Metropole Range

  • 23mm system 1003M (hand operated) - 150mm minimum bends radius
  • 36mm system 6100M (hand operated) - 200mm minimum bend radius
  • 30mm system 6120M (cord operated) - 300mm minimum bend radius
  • 30mm system 6130M (hand operated) - 300mm minimum bend radius
  • 50mm system 6140M (hand operated) - 500mm minimum bend radius
  • 50mm system 6160M (cord operated) - 600mm minimum bend radius

* Bend radius is the minimum a track or pole can be bent without kinking, flattening the profile or causing a problem with functionality.  Generally speaking as the bend radius decreases the curvature increases.

Contact us

Please contact us by email or call 029 2036 1933 is you need assistance or for a no obligation quote for any Silent Gliss product that is not available on our site.