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Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

How Silent Gliss tracks are made

Silent Gliss came up with the ingenious idea of using high grade nylon gliders and precision engineered siliconised aluminium tracks to make the world's first silent hand drawn curtain tracks in the 1950s.

Today their tracks are found all over the world, guaranteeing smooth, trouble-free operation.

Why choose Silent Gliss hand operated poles 

As well as offering new and very individual styling for curtain poles the Silent Gliss Metropole has gliders that run in siliconised aluminium channels unhindered by brackets or rings.  

Metropole comes in three round profiles -  23mm system 1003M, 30mm system 6130M and 50mm system 6140M diameter poles and one flat profile at 36mm system 6100M, providing you with flexibility to choose the pole that best suits your needs.   

By choosing a 23mm diameter 1003M Metropole you can make a very elegant yet simple statement. If you are looking for more of an impact the 6140M Metopole with an impressive 50mm diameter gives a more substantial appearance that will certainly want to make your guest stop and stare.

Can I add accessories to my pole

Make your simple hand operated Metropole blend in with its surroundings or stand out with the use of stylish brackets, midials and finials.  

Finial - an accessory that completes the finished look of the end of the Metropole.

All of hand drawn poles can be bent to fit curved or bay windows.  

With the exception of the 1003M 23mm diameter pole all hand drawn poles are compatible with the wave curtain heading system wave-heading-system.html.

Contact us

The hand operated Metropole is only part of Silent Gliss's extensive range of products. 

Please contact us by email or call 029 2036 1933 is you need assistance or for a no obligation quote for any Silent Gliss product that is not available on our site.