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Metropole Finials - New Products Added

3 May 2013

Silent Gliss - Metropole Finials Update

Fabulous new decorative elements added to the popular Metropole curtain pole range

Silent Gliss have given their decorative elements a complete make over with the introduction of two new stylish ranges.  So whilst the Woodends, Clarity, Earth and Coral ranges are discontinued, Silent Gliss have introduced the Groove and Shard decorative elements.

The Groove range is available in two different styles - Groove Cylinder and Groove Ball.

Groove cylinder is simple yet stylish.  Clean lines combined with design detail.  Groove cylinder is available in a wide range of colours and is compatible with all three diameters (23mm, 30mm and 50mm)  of hand operated Metropole.    



Contemporary with a twist of tradition Groove ball successfully fuses both styles.  Groove ball is offered in wide range of colours and is suitable for hand operated curtains for 23mm and 50mm poles and both hand on cord operation for the 30mm diameter pole.   


Clean lines of glass form the basis of the Shard range.  Choose between a sharp clear design or select a more eye-catching and unique appearance with the etched glass option. 

The base collar is colour matched to the pole. 


Shard is offered on the 23mm, 30mm and 36mm pole sizes, hand operation only (excludes oak finish).





For more information please see /user/PDF/Silent Gliss Metropole Curtain Poles Brochure.pdf 

Please contact us by email or call 029 2036 1933 is you have any questions or need assistance.










































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